It’s been five years since we heard from Brooklyn prodigy Jeannie Ortega and it’s been well worth the wait! Since her debut album “No Place Like Brooklyn”, Jeannie has been growing in her talent, her faith, is refocused, re-energized, and ready to inspire this generation with a new sound. This time around, she boldly makes a transition and delivers prolifically in every area.With her voice melodic and heartfelt, and lyrics encouraging and uplifting, Mrs. Ortega will be sure to please her longtime fans, and garner many, many new ones with her greatest work to date. Her sophomore album aptly titled “Perfect Love” reflects the growth she has experienced during her hiatus and offers strong production throughout. Her listeners can’t help but feel the very passion she puts into each and every track, and will be greatly impressed and pleasantly surprised by her new direction which will undeniably catapult her to super stardom.“Perfect Love” will be available on I-Tunes, and all of your favorite music outlets. “I named the album ‘Perfect Love’ because the good book says perfect love casts out all fear!, And fear is what tries to keep all of us from fulfilling our destiny. It is through that perfect love that I have found who I truly am and what I am supposed to do in this life”-Jeannie.

Her first single “Strong” is a reminder to all people that through trials and tribulations, we all have the strength to persevere and be victorious in everything. Jeannie performed “Strong” in front of a capacity crowd for the # 1 International Television Network, TBN which gained highest ratings and acclaimed telecasts in recent history. “Loved by You” tells the story of how it feels to have unconditional love while “Imperfection” unveils that all people are beautiful in their own individual way, regardless of their outward appearance or personal differences.“My Words” teaches how powerful words, truly are and their subsequent effects both negative and positive.

Jeannie will be bringing the “Perfect Love” tour first to her hometown of New York City beginning January 2012! Every song has it’s own impactful message which people from all walks of life can relate to.

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