ew York, NY (January 12, 2012) – Seldom does an independent artist generate enough public interest to garner downloads in the six figures for a solo project, but then again, Baiyu is not just another independent artist. In fact, not only did international recording artist Baiyu receive 100,000 downloads via Frostwire, she reached that number in two and a half weeks, and the figures are still climbing.

Gubatron of emphatically shares, “Without any special effort from the FrostClick and FrostWire team over the promotion, in a single week, Baiyu managed to break the daily download records for a period of 24 h ours three times, with 6,196 downloads, then 6,208 downloads, and finally with 6,219 downloads.” He also is proud to add that, “Another interesting trend with Baiyu’s album, is that the number of seeds (people sharing the album after it’s been downloaded) kept increasing consecutively for 17 days, also a new record for an album promoted on FrostWire.”

Baiyu’s popularity via her partnership with FrostWire/FrostClick is the result of a perfect synergy between Baiyu’s heartwarming yet infections artistry and musicality combined with a FrostWire audience that is thirsty for discovering music that speaks to them. Since the release of Baiyu’s Extended Play Fan Fair , she has been able to generate a tremendous amount of interest in her project, especially given the fact that all proceeds from Fan Fair are donated to the Japanese Red Cross for their tsunami relief efforts. Her first single, ” Take a Numbe r” featuring Fred the Godson, hit the number one spot on the college radio chart. The music video for ” Together, ” the latest single off of the EP, premiered on LOGO TV and has since then been seen across MTV Networks.

Gubatron adds, “We think that her album will only keep spreading out since her great talents and great production values of the EP speak for themselves and have had nothing but a positive reception from the FrostWire/FrostClick communities.”


Baiyu Fan Fair Download NOW

Baiyu Fan Fair Download NOWABOUT BAIYUAs a singer/songwriter, Baiyu’s music videos are on rotation on MTV Networks; as a fresh face on television Baiyu speaks for her generation as a VJ for mtvU and host on MYX TV; as a young fashionista, Baiyu has graced the pages of PYNK magazine and taken the world on a tour of Fashion Week through the lens of Papercut Magazine. In 2011, this musical talent and philanthropist released her second EP, Fan Fair , which took her all around the world, and allowed her to contribute the proceeds of her release to the Japanese Tsunami relief efforts. In 2012, Baiyu is set to take on a new chapter in her story as she makes her acting debut in the independent film scene and continues to share her music with an ever growing and devoted international fan base.The purpose of FrostClick/FrostWire? To provide the amazing and talented artists with a great medium for reaching new fans, to distribute their work, and get the exposure they deserve! The music industry is changing and we are here to help to drive the movement. We are also here to provide our followers with some of the best music out there! We scan the web, keep in touch with netlabels, try to stay on top of the news and pick the best of free & legal content available online. We are big champions of Creative Commons licensed content and we will always give first dibs to artists that are opened to fans freely sharing their content with friends and family. – Natalie,

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